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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Addicted to---Flickr

Fall in love with photography when I first get my digital camera 4 years ago. The passion continue and finally I get myself a DSLR Nikon D40 2 years ago. I took ton of photos but I never share it out except some post on this blog. But things start to change when I start flickring.

Flickr. I just cannot resist to post my photos to it, hoping that some other flickrer will come to visit my post, fave it or comment on it. Hoping that one of my post will be explore by the flickr interestingness algorithm. Ya, I'm addicted after one of it get explored(although it dropped out not even 24 hours), hoping for more. I know it's silly. But it act like a force, to push me try more composition, to go out around the neighbourhood to find every opportunity to shot, to learn more about pos-pocessing. Is a long way for me if I want to turn this hobby to something serious but is a good learning process whether I can make it to professional level or not.

If you have time please visit my photostream in flickr and tell me what you think about my shot.
Here is the link.

Back In Penang

Finally, I am back for a short vacation after one and half year away from home.

I was lucky enough to get recommendation from the university to enter the Master course next year. There are pros and cons. Pros: I don't have to study for the entrance exam which includes all the subject from year 1 to year 3 and I have more time for my graduate thesis. Cons: I forgot most of the knowledge that l learnt before. I think I will have a hard time next year while taking Master's class. People said that it is easy to get them back if you have strong basic, but for me, is still a question mark. Hope that things will go well.

Actually there are some bias for international student to accept this recommendation program. Only Japanese are eligible for it. The uni was kind enough to include me but the process was fraustrating. I had to go through all the process (entrance exam + interview)like a normal student and go through 2 presentation (other recommanded students only do it once). I protested by handing up blank paper for all the subjects. How can I answer the the question without study?Although they promise not to look at my result but surely if I get bad results, the interviewer will question for my poor performance which I reluctant to face.

Anyway, luckily everything went well and I manage to enjoy my short summer vacation this year. Recharge and refresh!!!