Friday, May 09, 2008

梅田研究室 Umeda Lab

Our lab members

It's my 4th year in the university. In Japan's universities' engineering department, we will be allocated to a laboratory and be supervised by a professor to conduct our final year project what we usually called 卒論(sotsuron-the graduation thesis).

The lab that I enter is 大阪大学 大学院 工学研究科機械工学専攻 梅田研究室. In short we just call it Umeda's lab. Actually this lab and its research field is considered new in mechanical engineering. It was set up in only in 2005. That's means I am the third badge of undergraduate student entering this lab. Our research area is about Life Cycle Design or in short EcoDesign. Our main focus is to develop a design theory and methodology for developing product life cycle that reduce the drastically environmental load, resource consumption and waste generation as well as increase living standard and corporate profit.

It doesn't sound like a mechanical lab right, ya, when talking about mechanical engineering most people will imagine about robots or engines. But who know, maybe in the near future our research will be the solution to the environmental problems mostly cause by industrial activities. I will be posting more about what I am doing now when I get more result in my research, it's just the beginning.