Saturday, April 21, 2007


I am flipping over my photo album and I found this photo. I always find that smiling face of a child is the most charming thing in the world. We the adults alway tend to forget how to smile, smile from the heart, smile without worry. So, don't forget your smile everyday!Actually, this photo is not that good, you can still find some noise or a little bit blur when you view it at full size, kind of sensitive about this when my photos was rejected due to this problems (will write more about this in the coming post...). Anyway practice make perfect right?I won't give up easily!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

What makes good product?

Q.C.D is the key word for good product

Q= Quality

C= Cost

D= Delivery

Out of this three, Delivery is the most important factor. The ability to put your product into the market at the perfect timing is the key to success.Why? You have to be faster than your competitor, you have to compete with time, to let your product on desk for sales at the beginning of the holidays season (Christmas, New Year etc.) where people are more willing to spent. Perfect timing is the key to success. That what my teacher said in the lecture.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Still remember the movie-Sayuri, where Chang Zhi Yi act as a 芸者(Geisha)? Geisha are traditional Japanese entertainers who skill in Japanese art, singing and dancing. Meanwhile apprentice geisha are called 舞妓(Maiko). In Japan, especially Kyoto,you still can see maiko along the street, but they are not the real maiko.The girls pay to become maiko, there are services in Kyoto, where you can have white make-up, put on a kimono, wear a okobo and act like a maiko for a few hours.

Three of my friends went for the "transformation" last week. And we guys had to become their photographer and bodyguard. Actually is a nice experience to join the girls for this because guys will not go for this kind of thing (although they have "samurai" course for guys).Everything was nice except we have to wait for like around 2 and a half hours for the girls to dress and make up.

I had the chance to practice using my new camera Nikon-D40, and some of the photo turn out to be satisfying. I think i still need more practicing because many of them still turn out to be disappointing.The shop named 四季,the service was good and the girls were happy with it.I attach the link here and you can have a look at the package they provide to change you into a maiko.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Green Maple

When all the attention are focus on the sakura, the maple tree seem to be forgotten. Spring is not their time to perform, they should wait...wait until their leaves turn red. But the green color from the new born leaves still make a good entry in this photo.

Friday, April 06, 2007

明治神宮 (Meiji Jingu)

明治神宮Meiji Jingu is a Japanese shrine near 原宿Harajuku. Don't know much about this shrine, my friend brought me there when I was in Tokyo, so I just share some photo here with you.

I don't know what should I called this, but if I am not mistaken, all the names printed there is the brand of 酒sake/日本酒nihon-shu, but don't ask me why they have alcohol bottle gather inside the park of the shrine. Maybe the maker had make a big donation to the shrine, ya, actually many Japanese companies like to donate to shrine to pray for good business. Hope my guess is right...

Washing your hand before enter the shrine is the tradition for Japanese.

There was a Japanese style wedding ceremony when I was there(I did not see the whole ceremony...they just walked out from the shrine to have a group photo). Sorry to say that, it doesn't look like a wedding ceremony at all. It was so quiet, no smiling,and you cannot feel the happiness trough their just feel like you cannot make any mistake otherwise you will ruin the whole thing. Anyway their appearance has attracted many attention from the tourists, thousands of cameras were pointed to them, the shutter's sound at least make the ceremony more lively.

上野公園(Ueno Koen)-桜sakura

上野公園(Ueno Koen)is a big park inside the city of Tokyo. I was lucky to be there during the Mankai(満開=full bloom) season of cherry blossom.The full bloom season in Tokyo is usually one or two weeks earlier than Osaka. So I am lucky again because i can enjoy the season longer, once in Tokyo and once again when I am back in Osaka. The weather that day was good and the park was full of people picnic inside the park to enjoy the short-life sakura(usually it last no longer than one week). I took many photo of sakura every year and I'm still fancy of it, maybe this is the common sickness of everyone living in Japan.

Irresistible...the power of sakura

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mysterious Eye

Have been helping my senior taking some shots for her graduation ceremony. I like this one, looks artistic, and mysterious. The kind of photo that I haven't take before. Hopes you like it.

Friends in Tokyo

I have just come back from Tokyo today. The trip was short and I didn't visit a lot of places but I am happy that I have the chance to meet up with friends, three closed friends when I first came to Japan. We studied Japanese together for one year before we enter the university. Three of them entered university in Tokyo area, while two of my housemate and me are staying in Osaka. Ya, it's nice to meet up with friends, talking about life, happy to know that every thing is fine with them. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to meet up and to Juan especially. I will miss you all and hope to have another gathering soon...this time in Osaka!!