Saturday, December 30, 2006

居酒屋 izakaya

居酒屋(izakaya) is a traditional Japanese style pub, where the Japanese like to gather up for 飲み会(nomikai). What they provide is not only alcohol but very delicious Japanese cuisine which is the reason why I enjoy going there.
I went there again 2 weeks ago when my house-mate's family were visiting Japan. This shop is call 八角(Hakkaku).It was a great night.The atmosphere was good, the food was awesome and we had a very fun time chatting throughout the night. Apparently they like the food very much.

beer-Japanese like beer so much, for me one is just nice!
刺身(sasimi)A close-up shot at the prawn
I forgot what is this called but it's chicken fillet with cheese inside
牛刺身(gyusasimi)日本焼酎(Japanese sake) the best with the gyusasimi above角煮(kakuni

Friday, December 15, 2006

Web design

My new work for MSAJ Kansai homepage

My first work

Start working with web design when my senior asked me to continue maintaining a homepage of Malaysian Students Association In Japan (MSAJ Kansai), and another one for Osaka University International Students' Team(OUIS). At first it was boring studied all the syntax, but it turned out to be interesting and satisfying when you combine all the knowledge and make up a homepage. Until now I'm only working with html and css and my homepage is just a static web page. Thinking of learning some basic php and java script to make a dynamic web page. Hopefully i can get the time and initiative;-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Travel Diary:Netherlands II- Amsterdam

Windmill-The landmark of Netherlands

The tulips


Rembrandt's art gallery

Found this funny poster on the street

Burger vending machine

Sex Museum

A postcard scene

Night view- the water way

Nice Chinese near the red light district

"Window shopping"

This will be my last post on my backpacking in Europe. It took me 1 year to finish it but its really fun to look back the pictures and it keep remind me of the nice experiences.

Amsterdam--my last stop in Europe, besides the image of clogs and windmills, this is the only place where you can find legal marijuana and prostitution. I hate the smell of marijuana whenever I pass a coffee shop. However the fluorescent bikini girls in neon lighted compartment has help it keeps the rate of sex crime low. This city is special and you should come and explore it yourself if you have a chance.

Travel Diary:Netherlands I - Rotterdam

Pencil in the city??

Who dare to live in these cube??

Is not a factory...just a normal apartment!!

Street lights

Rotterdam is really an artistic city with its modern and unique architecture. But according to the people who live in the "cube", really face a problem in getting suitable furnitures, and they have to be superb creative to fully use the space there.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cooking Diary:チキン照り焼き Chicken Teriyaki

My dinner for tonight.A very simple dish instead. The chicken is seasoning with 醤油soy source and 味醂mirin 1 tablespoon each for 10 min and then pan-fried.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cooking Diary:素麺(SouMen)

A simple dinner last Saturday by Sue & me. Decorate with green vege,carrot, エノキ(hackberry),egg and bacon in traditional Japanese Dashi based soup.

Travel Diary:Belgium-Luxembourg

Was too busy to write a long post and it was almost one year since my travel to Europe.So i decide to make it short and let the photos tell the story themselves.

Luxembourg -a small country in Europe but the richest, has the highest GDP among EU country. We only spent half a day there without counting the time we spent on train. Was a very short trip that we could not really learn about the country in details, but the scenery was perfect and indeed a wonderful memory.The best thing of traveling by train...nice fields

The station..I like the painting on the ceiling

Luxembourg flag is flying

A bus was passing through the high bridge

A perfect view from high ground

Church at the river side

Cannon guarding the city in the fortress, an underground tunnel

A compass view from Luxembourg

Another bridge's view

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The little green creature

Found this little green thing outside my balcony today. Too hard for me to focus on it using my normal digital camera. And this is the funny shot that i took.

Wha are you? Why you face the camera to me???

I must stop you...

I'm attacking now...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

Was celebrating my housemate's birthday last monday. We cook togather and prepaired a simple but nice birthday party for her. Birthday's cake is a must. I like this one so much, the base is chiffon cake covered with fresh cream.The cream was just nice, not too much. What i like the most is the fruit's topping. Fruit's cake in autunm is the best, that's what my friend told me, and i think he was right about it. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

Travel Diary:Belgium-Brussels

Town Hall

Stall selling painting at the Grand Palace

Grand Palace at night

It was a cool winter, without the annual ommegang (an historical procession at the beginning of July) and the biennial flower carpet , the Gand Palace in Brussels still appeared to be very impressive where the town square's sky line is dominated by Guild House, Town Hall and the King's house. As it is used to be described as "One of the most beatiful town squares in Europe, if not in the world", I'm sure it is worth visiting just to wander around and admire the beautiful building.

The restaurant street

The fresh mussels and oysters

Main course--Mussels!!

There is a street not far from the grand palace where seafood restaurants line up. It was pretty hard for three of us to make up our mind when all of them gave out the same offer, a cup of free wine, nice dining atmosphere next to the fire place. Finally we ended up dining in one of them. Connot tell whether we were making the right choice but that was really a nice dinner for us, enjoying the fresh and delicious mussels with belgian wine after a long journey.

The peeing boy

The girl version

Manneken Pis-The world famous peeing boy. According to the guide book there is a female version. However when we found it, it was abandoned, locked up in a cage. I could hardly have a snap on it through the gap.

Bound into these comic wall's painting when we wandering across the street. Actually they have a few cartoon character in painting or statue hidden in the town and you can follow a certain route to discover all of them.We din't try our luck but this is a pretty good idea in promoting tourism, isn't it?

Th Atomium

The Atomium-Built for the 1985 Brussels World's Fair (EXPO'58), the 103metre tall atomium monument represents a unit cellof an iron crystal,magnified 165 billion times. Another fascinating buiding besides Eiffel Tower cames from EXPO. Didn't have a chance to get inside because it still under rennovation for new oppening early this year.

A Belgian fruits' beer with Belgian chocolate is the best dessert we had before we fall into our dream land. The photo was taken with two dolls we bought as souvenier in Versailles.