Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cooking Diary:チキン照り焼き Chicken Teriyaki

My dinner for tonight.A very simple dish instead. The chicken is seasoning with 醤油soy source and 味醂mirin 1 tablespoon each for 10 min and then pan-fried.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cooking Diary:素麺(SouMen)

A simple dinner last Saturday by Sue & me. Decorate with green vege,carrot, エノキ(hackberry),egg and bacon in traditional Japanese Dashi based soup.

Travel Diary:Belgium-Luxembourg

Was too busy to write a long post and it was almost one year since my travel to Europe.So i decide to make it short and let the photos tell the story themselves.

Luxembourg -a small country in Europe but the richest, has the highest GDP among EU country. We only spent half a day there without counting the time we spent on train. Was a very short trip that we could not really learn about the country in details, but the scenery was perfect and indeed a wonderful memory.The best thing of traveling by train...nice fields

The station..I like the painting on the ceiling

Luxembourg flag is flying

A bus was passing through the high bridge

A perfect view from high ground

Church at the river side

Cannon guarding the city in the fortress, an underground tunnel

A compass view from Luxembourg

Another bridge's view