Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hi-Tea with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Last year we had Pak Lah, and this year a new Minister of International Trade and Industries, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin, is here in Osaka to meet the Malaysian students. Not a grand dinner like last year but a Hi-Tea with a dialogue session.

I don't really like the way politician talks. They always tend to answer questions by giving only good news and good excuses about what is happening in the country. The high-rising oil price, inflation etc. all didn't sound that bad when he explained the situation. Comparing with neighbouring countries that do worse than Malaysia, yes, it's true that we are not that bad, but how about countries which are doing better than us? That's still a big gap between what the government is doing and what it can do. Admiting what they are not doing enough is the first step, I think.

Again when he talked about racial issues, the 513 tragedy was mentioned. sounds like the typical political statements of BN. I felt pity when he tried to say that he is glad to meet Malay, Chinese and Indian students,but oops, not even one Idian student was there. A big failure. Students who come to Japan under JPA (Malaysian government scholorship) are mostly Malays. Some Chinese, yes. Maybe there are Indians, but I don't think I met one before. For Monbusho (Japanese government scholarship), so far I only know of one. Is it because Indians don't like to come to Japan to further their studies or is it really because they are not eligible for the JPA scholarship or is it because the government is not giving them the chance to?? There must be a reason. and I think most of us know but don't dare to talk about. Just like why the Hindraff demo happened. I really hope for a fair policy for every Malaysian. Let's pray,that the 3/8 political tsunami will push the country forward.

Like always, the event ended with students trying to take photos with the Menteri while he walked around talking to the students.

And like always, we enjoyed the food. :)