Thursday, August 24, 2006

Travel Diary:London IV

One more thing that opened my eyes when i traveled in London is freedom. Freedom to talk, to express your opinion freely.
Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park,the most famous place for debates without any resistant. When i was there,one Middle Easterner was speaking on how Islam bring goods to his life, how it keeps himself from alcohol which is the cause of many social problems. Meanwhile his opponent kept on throwing some offensinve points towards him. In the other corner, people were debating about Blair and Bush administration regarding Iraq's problems, sounds of clapping and booing come one after one from the listener. Just feel free to participate when you do not agree with the speaker by asking question or joining the debates.
Can we do it in Malaysia?? The answer is definate..."No". Our government and maybe its people are not mature enough to handle the situation....there are too many sensitive area in our society. Somemore our own political leader are not brave enough to discuss some of the topic.
Find another funny thing outside the parliment building in London.Banners were along the roadside to protest Blair's government.Can i do this in Malaysia??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Travel Diary:London III

Visit to Museum or Art Gallery is never my pirority when i travel. However The British Museum and The National Gallery are definately worth visiting.
The British Museum is a collection of Human history.Through arts, natural history and science, it was an unforgetable experience where you traveled around ancient Egypt, Rome, Europe, Asia, Africa... learning the cultures of Mankind for almost 2 millon years.
Meanwhile, thousands pieces of painting and sculptures hanging in the hall of National Gallery records the gloriuos moment of arts. Looking at the paintings by your own eyes is never the same looking them in books.
i earned a lot through the visit, but what i really appreciate is how the authorities manage the museum and gallery both in London and Edinburgh--their principle of free accessing of the heritage of mankinds for everyone to enjoy and learn from them.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Travel Diary:London II

Want to try the best fish&chips in town? The Rock & Sole Plaice at 47 Endell Street should be your choice.Not a big restaurant but it serves huge chunk if cod and homemade chips with reasonable price.The food is delicious and the atmosphere is nice.
A brief History

Nice fish&Chips

Travel Diary:London I

Borough Market,paradise for food lover.
After a long year in Japan where mordern supermarket is the only place for shopping, i really miss the traditional wet market in Malaysia,altough it is a little bit dirty and stinky and unpopular for youngster. Luckily i found one here in London.What makes Borough Market different is that you can find delicius burgers, brownies, scones and many more all in one place. For a better description about Borough Market, maybe i should called it "the morning pasar malam".Although i cannot tried out everything in a short morning, a hot beef burger and hot apple juice was the best breakfast i had in this shivering winter in London ;)
Wow...they have so many fresh vege here

Fresh oyster

Brownies Tower

Say Cheese

Long queue for beef burger

I got it ...

burger again....


Spanish burger

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Travel Diary:Edinburgh IV

For a better view of Edinburgh's skyline,Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags is a must go attraction.A natural rock formations situated in Holyrood Park.The view from top is tremendous.
Holyrood Palace

The volcanic stone

The edge

The Calton Hill

The Old Town

Edinburgh Castle

Travel Diary:Edinburgh III

I had a chance to climbed up the Calton Hill,one of the main hill which located in the city center for the best panoramic view of the city,Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat. An unfinished monument stand tall on the hill making it an unique struture there.
The unfinished National monument

Arthur's Seat

Old Town from Calton Hill

Young artist sketching at the hill side

flowers with building

Travel Diary:Edinburgh II

The New Town is the mordern part of Edinburgh.Princes Street,the main shopping area and the most famous part of New Town, is a busy spot with shoppers and high quality shops along the street.
Princes Street with Sir Walter Scott's Monument at dusk

Night view of the busy street

Travel Diary:Edinburgh I

Edinburgh-the first european city that i standed on. It really impressed me,a historic and awesome city.I enjoyed most when i strolling between New Town and Old Town, the two main districts separated by Princes Street Gardens.It just made me feel so comfortable.
The Old Town is the medieval heart of Edinburgh.Walking along the Royal Mile which connects Edinburgh Castle and Hollyroodhouse Palace, you can find many historical monuments and buildings here including the St Giles' Cathedral.
Edinburgh Castle

A view through cannon hole from the castle

St Giles' Cathedral

An Angel statue

stained glass windows with the last supper

a corner inside the cathedral

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Massacre In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Trough a newspaper report, i become aware of this website. An English translation of a book writing about the brief history during Japanese Occupation Period in one of our state in Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan.

I agree that our country's history has missed out a lot of point regarding this topic. And definately after living in Japan for about 3 years, I noticed that the younger generations of Japan does not aware about what really happened in 2nd World's War.Partly because the country is avoiding the ugly part of their history.

Hopefully by this website, it can fill up the blank parts of our and Japanese history.

Please click the link here: Massacre In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia




为何凯里要打“种族牌”,宣称与其接受较高买价,不如将股份卖给一名马来买家,以捍卫土著股权,而他去年以马币920万元向益资利收购3%股份时,是分别 向该公司主席卡里慕拉、行政总裁林建旺(Lim Kian Onn)及营运总裁蔡明发(Chua Ming Huat)收购各1%股权?












Monday, August 14, 2006

Travel Diary: Hong Kong III

If you visit Hong Kong, what you cannot miss is the delicious Hong Kong's food.From famous restaurants until hawker stalls, for me i tried out as many as i can, because in Japan you won't be able to find nice chinese food, where taste changed to suite Japanese.

food served in morden Yum Cha restaurant

the traditional Yum Cha

"GonCaoNgauHor" and "WanTanMin"

egg tart and "PoLoPau"...famous breakfast menu!


the must try dessert

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Travel Diary: Hong Kong II

Hong Kong city center's skyline is dominated by tall business buildings.No doubt, limited land with explosive population making this the only option. This scenary is hardly found in Japan where earthquake occurs frequently.

Bank of China headquarters with its unique architecture

another unique building
The biggest stamp mosaic by Hong Kong Post Office
a full view from the Victoria Harbour

close up....Hong Kong's traditional sailing ship