Monday, April 28, 2008

Family Visit Japan

My family, all of them have pay me a 2 weeks visit in Japan for the first time since I came here 5 years ago. Ya, It already 5 years. And it's the last year for my undergraduate program here in Japan. Just cannot believe that how fast was our world is spinning.

Back to the topic. Besides my family, my housemate's parents also visiting their daughter here at the same time...ya all of them have bought the air ticket during MAS promotion period. At the mean time, a new housemate is moving in. So all together there were 12 people in my house!!!

Having them here was fun. Although it was tiring to have a plan ready everyday to guide them around, it was fun to have them joking and fooling around because it has already been a year since I was back in Malaysia. Even though we talk through Skype and have video conferencing every week, it's totally different having them here. 2 weeks was short. But, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, it's just loneliness. I miss you guys!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too many things going on

Too many things were happening and I was not able to write it down here...and time flew. I don't think I will be doing that in the future if I don't do it now. So just a few lines for each event.

Mexico Trip
My housemate is on a one year exchange program in Culiacan, a small town in Mexico. A great chance to visit Mexico since I have a friend who can speak good Spanish. A free place to stay and a free guide, what a good deal.;-). One month in Mexico and we traveled to a lot of places. Of course we ate a lot of nice Mexican food. But the best thing was we meet up with a lot of people, who are kind and friendly. Although I couldn't even understand a word in Spanish and needed my friend to be my translator all the time, it's nice when you have a chance to talk to them, the locals. And this made the travel more meaningful than simply visiting the tourist spots. I took a lot of photos like around 3000. I would like to share it here but it will take me a lot of time to filter out the good ones. So....I will try.

Family visit Japan: Next entry...time to go to bed....:(